Helsinki Brewing Co. beers

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00100 Pale Ale 6%

A refreshing Pale Ale hopped with Belma, Calypso and Mosaic. Named after Helsinki city center area code.

Helsinki Syndrome 5,6%

A perfect thirst-quenching IPA with lower ABV, dry mouthfeel and loads of fruity aroma. Dry hopped with Mosaic and Calypso. Helsinki Syndrome is a made up psychological condition from Die Hard. 


German style quaffable lager brewed with American hops.

Dedicated to the most popular Finnish beer, as known as "one beer" as they say at the bar counter.



Lemon IPA named after the most popular beach in Helsinki, the Hietaniemi beach. "Hietsun Aurinko" stands for the sun of Hietaniemi, which something you enjoy on your holiday during summer. Plenty of citrus fruit and noble hops to make you love this one.

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Nordic rhapsody 5,0%

Brewed for 'Sitko' the number one pizzeria in Tampere, Finland.
German style thirst quenching lager brewed with Ahtanum and Simcoe.

Sitko American Lager 5,2%

Let us sing you the song of our people! This lightweight beast is hopped with Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial hops, packed with tropical fruit, grapefruit and hints of piney notes.

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